What to look out for in a bathroom renovation

What to look out for in a bathroom renovation

What to look out for in a bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation can both improve your daily life and increase the value of your property as the professionals of  Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου can assure you. However, the total cost can get away quite easily and quickly so you need to set priorities from the beginning.

In other words, you have to decide where you need to spend more money and where you could save money. There is a huge difference between a general bathroom renovation and a basic bathroom renovation .

After the kitchen renovation, the bathroom renovation is one of the most excellent ideas for the renewal of your space in terms of always and the amortization of your money.

In general, the depreciation can be done in a few years and ranges between 60% -85% of the final amount that you will give for the bathroom renovation.

As you can see, it’s your budget that will set the tone for the renovation. If you do not have a large budget it would be good to focus on painting the bathroom. Light, earthy colors can make a small bathroom look bigger. I

f everything else is relatively new and there is no reason for replacement or damage, a new color may be what your space and mood needs. Otherwise of course, and if you are willing to do a total renovation, there are bigger tasks you can include.

A bathroom renovation can be either total or partial . This is something that you will decide based on the amount of money you are willing to spend. In general, however, the tasks that can be included in a bathroom renovation are the following.

Work on a bathroom renovation

# 1 Dismantling of Electrical Installations if necessary
# 2 Dismantling of old furniture & sanitary ware
# 3 Removal of debris
# 4 Design a new bathroom based on functionality
# 5 Installation of new furniture and appliances
# 6 Installation of bathroom tiles

Shower / Bathtub Installation

The first question you need to ask yourself if you have decided to do a bathroom renovation is whether you will have a bath or shower.

Households with young children may consider the bathtub a better investment as they will find it much more useful. Otherwise, in homes where older people and children live, a simple shower may have been more convenient.

One element that you should definitely not neglect in bathroom renovation is the choice of shower column. Nowadays there are many shower systems such as those that do whirlpool or can adjust the right temperature to your liking.

Of course there are the classic showers as well as those with the detachable phone for greater convenience and ease of movement. A shower column can cost you from € 45.00 up to € 600.

The installation of only the shower column will cost you approximately 30 € -40 € . The costs for the construction of the shower, the installation of the glass and the connection of the supply are separate.

The shower or bathtub is the centerpiece of a bathroom. No one goes to the sink to eliminate the stress and fatigue of the day.

A large luxury bathtub can be your ticket to complete relaxation as well as a glass shower. Even a small corner shower can be great with the right upgrades.

Tile Replacement

Changing the bathroom tiles can have a big impact on the overall look of your bathroom. There are tiles made of stone, porcelain, ceramics, glass, etc. You can find them in a huge variety of colors and designs.

Different and bright colors and designs can make your shower stand out, while the same tile on the floor and shower offers an effect of continuity and harmony.

Rock-textured tiles are a fairly common and popular choice. Of course, you should be very careful in choosing them as some are not suitable for showering or require frequent maintenance.

For convenience, choose ceramics, porcelain or even marble. Whatever material and color you choose, it would be good not to use tiles larger than 15 cm on the floor of your shower. The material used to glue the tiles helps to prevent slipping.

Many of you can buy a ready-made shower base. It is usually white in color which can limit you a bit. However, it is a much cheaper option than building one from scratch.

The installation of the tiles can be done by an owner with enough patience and skill. However, if you are not so sure about your abilities, an average cost for the installation of bathroom tiles by a professional is around 9 € / m² .

It is generally worthwhile to hire a professional for the installation since what is worth more is the tile itself rather than its installation.

Placing tiles on the bathroom floor is something else that affects the overall image of your bathroom. You can choose floor tiles that are in the same color palette as those of the shower, the same for an overall result or completely different.

Replacement of Sanitary Ware & Furniture

Changing the sink and toilet is one of the best ways to refresh your bathroom. In fact, even an old tired sink with a few moves can look new again!

If you just want to add something new to your bathroom and not do a total bathroom renovation, the ones you buy should fit together. It will not be aesthetically pleasing to confuse textures and colors.

You can find toilets and sinks in the market together or separately. There are many designs to choose from. Some are reminiscent of a more traditional style while some other combinations have a more modern finish.

The important thing is to harmonize the new equipment with the rest of the space.

Also, the area that we call the sink, in combination with the mirror and the space around it is also called the toilet.

There are marble toilets, with tiles or cabinets around them for more storage space. It is the place where we are at the beginning of our day and in which we prepare for our continuation. For this reason it makes sense to want it to be beautiful and to suit us.

Finally, in the bathroom renovation, you should also pay attention to the catches where you will hang objects such as your towels. Some materials are harder to clean than others or even tan.

If you do not want your surfaces to have unsightly marks then it would be better to be well informed before your final choice.

Installation of Bathroom Cabinets

A very important element that some people usually neglect in a bathroom renovation are the bathroom cabinets as well as the catches that we mentioned above.

Although they are not given the proper attention, they should match the rest of the decor and the style of the bathroom renovation. In general, cabinets, racks and shelves should be harmoniously combined to have a cohesive space.

Change of Plumbing & Electrical Installations

In a bathroom renovation as in any other to be precise, there is a basic rule: If you do not need to modify something or move it, just do not do it. Any changes to existing electrical or plumbing installations require additional work.

Wherever possible, use the existing facilities. There is no reason to use a percentage of your total budget for such work as it will be quite expensive and may not have the result you want. Electrical changes require work behind the walls.

Plumbing on the other hand is relatively easier as the pipes are usually located under the floor. In any case, all this work must be done by professionals as well as new bathroom designs must be made.

This work is quite expensive and will hardly be done again in the near future. They can hardly be repeated as they require many corrective changes as well as money.

If you want an immediate service or an indicative cost of the work you want to include in the bathroom renovation, you can fill out the form and receive a complete offer based on your needs from Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου..

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