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How long can you stand without looking – θήκες κινητών – at the screen of your cell phone? The design of modern smartphones that leave no room for batteries, the larger and brighter screens and the 4G connectivity in relation to the long use, have led me to look for ways so that I can make the day with just one charge.

Most likely you already know some of the following tips, however, I hope you find the rest useful. At this point, it is worth emphasizing that these tips are based primarily on experiments on Android devices, but they can also be applied to your little apple.

Identify heavy applications

First of all,  check which applications and functions are responsible for the higher battery consumption. Do a simple test, fully charge your phone and then when there is 5% of battery life left, go to Settings -> Device Settings -> Battery or Settings> General> Battery Usage if you are an iOS user.

This way, you will find out which applications are to blame for running out of battery quickly. Commonly found apps like Facebook, Spotify and Instagram will show the highest percentages. Because it is difficult to get rid of them, try to reduce their use and delete the applications you rarely use from the list.

Selection of Dark Themes and Wallpapers

You will see that there is a lot of controversy among users as to whether it is better to prefer LCD or AMOLED screen. Most Samsung devices (such as the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4), HTC One S and Nexus 6 have AMOLED screens, which do not require “backlighting”, compared to the technology of an LCD screen, such as TVs and of LG (G2, G3 and G4) and Nexus 5 mobile phones.

Thus, you will notice significantly less consumption if you have an AMOLED screen and choose Themes and Wallpapers in dark colors. Now if you belong to the second category, you can not do much but not to touch the screen of your mobile phone all the time.

Say “no” to Auto Brightness

Turn off the “Auto Brightness” function on your device, as most of the time it is more than you really need. I would suggest you adjust the brightness to a level where you feel comfortable and then adjust it according to your needs.

Adjust the time your screen stays on (Screen Timeout)

Your screen does not need to light up for an extra minute from the moment you lower your device. See if you can get used to the 15 ”or 30” lighting by setting it from Settings> Display> Timeout.

Turn off the vibration

Turn off the vibration, unless you really need it, such as when you are in a place with a lot of noise and you have the device in your pocket. Mobile gaming is great with the use of vibration, however you have no real need when you receive your calls and notifications.

Disable connectivity that you do not need at all times: GPS, Auto-Sync, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G

Ask yourself how many times a day you use Google / Apple Maps or apps like Uber and Taxibeat. If the answer is two to none, then you can safely turn off Location.
In addition, it is not vital that your email management applications, your calendar and your contacts keep Sync. Prefer to refresh manually the moments when you think you may have a new message in your Inbox. The same goes for apps like Facebook, Twitter or reddit and of course for all Google accounts.

Especially when your cell phone is battling to have a few more minutes with you before it turns off, help it by turning off Wi-Fi and Data Connection. You will see a significant difference!

Keep applications up to date and do not run them in the background

The reasons why applications are updated are not only changes in the application environment, but also those that you can not notice with the naked eye. Developers are constantly working on improvements, including reducing battery usage by the application.

This does not mean, however, that you should let applications update automatically. Make the updates when it suits you and you know that you are not in danger of running out of battery.

For Android devices go to Google Play Store> Apps> Settings> Auto-Update apps, while for iOS follow Settings app> iTunes & App Store> Under Automatic Downloads you make the setting for Updates on the left.

Finally, do not leave the applications to run in the background. When you no longer use the application, close it completely for the time being. Unless it’s an application you check every 5 ‘. In the latter case, I hope it does not fall into the Facebook category.

Hot spot, gaming, Camera and LED: use in moderation

Having a very economical data package you always want to share your connection with your friends via Hot Spot. I do not suggest you go to the other extreme, but I recommend you do not do it if you have a day ahead of you that you will need your mobile phone at any time. With the Hot Spot open you will not even realize how fast you will reach 20% of your battery.

The same goes for the camera and gaming apps. When I enter the Metro, my next move is to open a game. Let’s not wonder why when we arrive at our destination we have no battery at all.

Minimize Widgets as much as you can

Avoid using Widgets that need an Internet connection for constant updates, such as Weather, Twitter, Gmail, etc. and just open each application when you need it.

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