To learn how to NOT ACCEPT,
 (how to Escape Tickets, IRS, & Court)
to escape the ENEMY'S "Due Process"
BEFORE you go in to Court:

#1. To avoid “Service of Process”, “Notice”, and “Acceptance”, To DEPRIVE the ENEMY of Ability to comply with the "Due Process" Requirement to Serve you with "Proper Service of Legal Process and Jurisdiction to Proceed"  Guaranteed to Continue-to-work, until "Due Process" is Publicly TERMINATED.

#2. If ‘already’ involved (Pre-Hearing/Arraignment)


#3. If “in court” (if you failed to do steps #1 or #2)

Escape Tickets, Courts, and the IRS
"Escape Harassment"
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This process costs less than your traffic ticket will!
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. definition- 'Acceptance' = 'Intent to Retain' (per CJS).

2. definition-'Appearance' = 'If One does ANYTHING 'Beneficial' or  'Detrimental', One 'HAS MADE APPEARANCE' as a Party' (per CJS).   If it ain't 'Neutral', you HAVE "MADE APPEARANCE".

3. definition- 'Contract' = Offer, Acceptance (of Offer), consideration. Contract arises by the 'Acceptance' (by Law), and Offeror can NO LONGER  withdraw the Offer. Both Parties are BOUND & HELD to Specific Performance (by the Acceptance). We teach "Do NOT Accept", thus = No Contract/Agreement exists. "No Contract = No Authority/jurisdiction" (Maxim of Law).

4. definition- 'Controversy' = Contract Dispute or Disagreement.- Requires Existence of a Contract. (See Const.ART III,sect.2)

5. definition- 'Due Process' = "WRITTEN NOTICE", "proper Service of Process", 'Informed Consent' (Contract). 
No Contract = No Case/Controversy = No jurisdiction (ART 3 Const.) Government "derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.",(Declaration of Independence 1776 para. 2). We teach "Activate your "Non-Consent". 

6. Our Product is IMMEDIATELY email-Response downloaded to you, upon payment received.

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"Answers ONLY" 
(WITHOUT 'background research').
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NOTICE: Because this product is "educational knowledge", it is NOT possible for you to RETURN the product. 
All sales are FINAL, there are NO returns or refunds through Paypal. 
To honest students/individuals: Any recourse must be via the "guarantee", upon completion, consistent implementation, and consistent activation of the 3 Step Procedure.
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